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LiHO Heartland Mall is a bubble tea shop located in Hougang St of Heartland Mall, Singapore. This is a popular spot for travelers to enjoy a quick and refreshing drink before their flight. LiHO Heartland Mall offers a variety of bubble teas, including classic flavors like bubble tea and green milk tea, as well as more unique flavors like taro milk tea and bubble milk tea. LiHO Heartland Mall menu includes a variety of toppings, such as tapioca pearls, tapioca pearls, jellies and ice cream.


Liho Heartland Mall Popular Items:

Some of the most popular items at LiHO Heartland Mall include:

Pearl Milk Tea: The most consumed beverage in LiHO Heartland Mall is this one. Milk, boba, and black tea are used to make it. The milk tea is smooth and creamy, and the boba pearls are chewy and tasty.
Green Milk Tea: This cool beverage contains green tea, milk, and boba. The boba pearls give a delightful chewy texture, and the green tea is delicious and light.
Oolong Milk Tea: The combination of oolong tea, milk, and boba creates a tasty beverage. The boba pearls lend a pleasant chewy texture to the robust and aromatic oolong tea.
Fruit Tea: A fruity beverage composed with fruit juice, milk, and boba is this one. The boba pearls give a pleasant chewy texture, and the fruit juice is delicious and reviving.
Ice Cream Tea: Tea, milk, and ice cream are combined to create this chilly, creamy beverage. The tea and milk provide a perfect mix of sweetness and creaminess to the smooth and tasty ice cream.


Liho Heartland Mall Opening and Closing Hours:

Every day from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM, LiHO Heartland Mall is open. This implies that you may satisfy your bubble tea craving at any hour of the day. Liho outlets are ideal for you whether you are just beginning your adventure or are about to board your flight.

Liho Heartland Mall Location:

On Level 3 of the Departure Transit Area, close to Gate B18, lies LiHO Heartland Mall. Due to its proximity to the security checks and checkpoints for check-in, this site is advantageous for travelers.

liho Heartland Mall Contact Information:

contact us at +65 6241 1663 if you have any inquiries regarding LiHO Heartland Mall. Additionally, you may find them on Instagram and Facebook.

liho Heartland Mall Promotions:

You may currently take advantage of a special at LiHO Heartland Mall where you can get a free topping with the purchase of any beverage. This promotion is good through the end of August 2023. So be sure to take advantage of this discount if you’re searching for a method to save money on your bubble tea!

liho Heartland Mall Seating Options:

There are numerous seating options at LiHO Heartland Mall, including both indoor and outdoor alternatives. People who want to escape Singapore’s heat and humidity will love the air-conditioned, comfy inside sitting. For those who want to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air, the outdoor sitting is ideal.

liho Heartland Mall Conclusion:

Before your flight, stop by LiHO Heartland Mall for a tasty and revitalizing bubble tea. They offer a large selection of flavors, and their boba pearls are consistently chewy and tasty. Additionally, they have a promotion with the Calories Guide where you can get a free topping with the purchase of any drink. So why are you still waiting? Before your flight, stop by LiHO Heartland Mall and get a great bubble tea!

LIHO TEA heartland mall: Location, Opening & Closing Hours with Contact Info

LIHO heartland mall


Hougang St 21, #02-49 Heartland Mall, Blk 205, Singapore 530205

Opening & Closing Hours:

Everyday: 11 AM to 10 PM

Contact Info:

+65 6241 1663

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